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    Certificate of Completion


      Hello I just completed module one of the of the four CCNA (R & S) modules on Netacad. I performed very well (above 75%) however, I did not get my certificate of complettion or ketter of merit. I still checked a moment before writing this. Certificate of completion (0), Letter of Merit (0). My instructor claimed to have done everything required, on his own part, to get my certificate but yet no certificate. I have started module two and my intention is to sit for ICDN 1 and hopefully get a discount voucher but i'm beginning to feel worried because if i could not get a certificate for a completed course, how much more a discount voucher. No certificate, no letter, no nothing, only my grades. I would like to know if anyone can help on this regard. My instructor or academy seem not to know what to do or could there be a problem with my academy that I am not aware of?