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    AAA Authentication enable command.


      My authtentication lines in switches are the following 2 lines.:

      aaa authentication login Celestica group Celestica group tacacs+ enable line

      aaa authentication enable default group Celestica enable line

      I have to access my user and password to enter the switch but it takes me to the exec privilge mode


      After exec mode. I have to type #enable , and then retype my password (only) to get into the privilege mode.

      My question is: Souldnt have to get directly to privilege mode since i have the 2nd line configured?

      (aaa authentication enable default group Celestica enable line) .

      Why or how can i get directly to the privilege mode with typing my user and password once?. Is that something related or about the ACS configuration?.



      Hago telnet, pongo mi user y password y me manda a modo exec, despues tengo que poner #enable para entrar a modo privilegiado y me pide el puro password el cual pongo mismo password de mi user y asi entro a modo privilegiado en switches.

      Al tener la segunda linea que puse arriba de authenticacion de enable. No se supone que desde al inicio poniendo mi user y password me mandaria a modo privilegiado?

      Sera por alguna configuracion erronea en el Cisco ACS ?

      Espero de su apoyo.