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    I'm out


      Once at job interview I heard: "The ability to pass a Cisco exam doesn't proof anything. Only that you are able to pass a Cisco test." I felt really offended. But now I know the guy was the experienced one.


      I went through CCNA and CCNP SWITCH exams pretty easily. Then failed the ROUTE exam. Twice. It was not about "real world" at all. The bullying. That is the term that suits this.


      I've decided not to participate in this disgusting business any longer and not to pay 300$ again and again in this lottery. To study to gain knowledge is very different from studying to pass a Cisco exam.


      I didn't mean to offend anyone here. Just wanted to express my opinion.

      Bye and good luck.

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          CCNP has had crazy ROI for me. Good luck on your adventures!

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            Rigo - Community Moderator

            Hi Vaclav,


            I'm really sorry to hear that you did not pass on your recent ROUTE exam attempt.


            If you do decide to give the exam another try before the "Last day to test" date of Feb 23, 2020, please be sure to review your exam score report to help you determine where you need to focus in preparation for your next exam attempt.


            The ROUTE Exam Topics should be used as the guide map to know what to expect from the exam. We advise candidates to refer to the exam topics regularly and use it as a checklist along the way during and after study is complete. In general, candidates should have a good understanding of the exam topics before attempting the exam.


            In addition, I would highly, highly recommend leveraging this very same CCNP R&S Study Group as a top source for learning. We encourage you to ask questions to get recommendations and answers from fellow community members to help you fill in the gaps and gain a better understanding of the topics. You might even consider sharing your exam score breakdown to seek advise on the areas that might require more attention.


            It may also be helpful to utilize additional learning resources to supplement your primary study/training material. If you haven't already done so, please feel free to review all of the resources found in the ROUTE Study Materials page and try the sets of review questions available in the ROUTE Practice.


            If you'd like to submit general exam feedback or experienced any issues pertaining to the exam itself, I would highly recommend opening an exam feedback case with Certification & Communities Online Support.


            Lastly - For candidates who have a valid 300-101 ROUTE + 300-115 SWITCH exam, he or she will get credit for the 300-401 ENCOR exam towards the CCNP Enterprise certification and you will also receive the "Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise Core" certification on Feb 24, 2020. Candidates will have 3 years from the date of the second passed exam (either ROUTE or SWITCH) to pass one concentration exam within the same track to achieve the CCNP Enterprise Certification.


            All the best!




            Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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              Ismael da Silva Mariano

                    Hello, Vaclav! How are you doing ?


                   Well, as i can see from your 7 points you are very new here at CLN!


                   First, if you want to learn networking here with us you need more time and also participate in all the resources we provide to our subscribers! Doing this you will learn !!!! You can charge me for the results!


                  Once you heard : "The ability to pass a Cisco exam doesn't proof anything. Only that you are able to pass a Cisco test."

                                 They are wrong, believe  me !!!!!

                                 Every network provider in the world has a certification program! The only way to test is through an exam. I agree that just the exam is not enough to proof you are able to have a position , but it sure shows SOMETHING!!!! Shows that you studied that subject and was able to pass, so you learned the theory about the subject.

                                 NETworking has to do with technology, and the only way to learn technology is through STUDYING no other way! And also , to pass a certification exam you must have two phases on your preparation :

                                          1 - Study the theory

                                          2 - Have experience through simulations and / or working


                      Summary : It is important to have a certification title to your career,  any one , from any provider. But more important is to LEARN the technology , so STUDY , the success on the exam will come!


                     Saying that, as you are new here, we need to know how was your preparation for the exam , ROUTE is not so easy as you could see.


                     If you are still here, give us a chance to help you LEARN and pass the exam.




              Ismael Mariano

              CLN member

              CCNA R&S

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                Don't believe everything you hear.


                I've had an IT related career since 1999, and as IT business owner and manager that has hired and fired Network Engineers, Systems Engineers, and Internet Tech Support reps, I can tell you that Cisco certs do have a lot of value. For the money, Cisco certs even offer more value than an IT related college degree.


                Are they perfect? Of course not. There are questions that come from right field that are never in the OCGs. How do you overcome them? Take those questions as an acceptable loss and know the rest of the material like the back of your hand. The value of the certs come from the difficulty and the determination to rise above.


                Coming from someone that also works in routers and switches at at least a CCNP level on a daily basis, I can tell you my friends that the certs do help you in the real world, in the work I do every day. Because they are real world they do prove a base knowledge set. But even more important than the base knowledge set, is they prove talent and potential, as in the ability to learn and understand related IT theories and concepts.


                If you passed SWITCH you CAN pass ROUTE. There's a story somewhere on the net about a guy who failed one of the CCNA exams six times before he passed it, and now he's a multiple CCIE. You can do it if you put your mind to it. Give yourself a few days and go back into it full force and destroy it. In whatever you decide, I wish you all the best.

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                  Steven Davidson

                  Well stated Will.  A lot of people get super worked up about a tiny % of the questions that seem bizarre or not covered by the OCG and the truth is that if you know the core topics well then you should be able to absorb those 1/2 dozen or so questions that drive everybody nuts.  The passing score is < 100% for a reason.  I'd even argue that getting a 1000 on any of these exams is a red flag for potential cheating.  I have known enough CCIEs and CCNPs and non-certified engineers to be able to state that there's a positive correlation between technical ability and certification level.  It's not always the case but it's generally true.

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                    typically those who are not certified are fearful of failing to get certified... your interviewer expressed an age old hackneyed cop out... and you bought it... sorry to hear...

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                      So I took the 210-260 exam last month the second time and failed with a much higher score than on my first attempt 4 days before my CCNA certification was to expire.  A multi part question appeared.  Answered the first part. My mouse clicked and the main screen and it maximized with the next button staring me in the face. For some reason my brain choose to click next instead of realizing I clicked out of the multi part simulation after completing the first question. I clicked next and answered yes to the confirmation question to continue. I knew I was done for and bellowed a loud expletive heard around the room but I decided to complete the exam anyway.  Yes, I failed but with a much higher score than the first time.  I have not doubt I would have passed the exam had I not for whatever reason made this simple mistake. Yes it sucked and I felt really bad for a couple of days but I can honestly say my skill level has increased.   No amount of criticism can negate the knowledge gained through labs, knowledge bases, reading and test simulations.  It takes quite a bit of mental fortitude to get certified. Just figure out what you're doing wrong and get on with it.

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                        Is it correct  that even though my CCNA has expired a few weeks ago that If pass switch and route I get credit for the core exam when the new 300-401 ENCOR exam?

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                          Matt Saunders - Community Manager

                          Good on you! I'm really sorry to hear that happened, I can imagine how tortuous that must have felt! More so though, I'm really impressed by the positive angle and perspective you choose to take afterwards! As they say, life is 100% about how you choose to respond to situations. I sincerely hope you absolutely NAIL your next attempt, and come back here to celebrate!

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                            Matt Saunders - Community Manager

                            Great feedback and perspective Steven, thank you!

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                              Matt Saunders - Community Manager

                              "even more important than the base knowledge set, is they prove talent and potential, as in the ability to learn and understand related IT theories and concepts."  -- This is such great perspective, Steven is right, well said!

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                                Matt Saunders - Community Manager

                                Hi - Yes, if you pass both the Route and Switch exams before 2/24, you will receive credit for/be awarded the new EN Core Exam/Specialist Cert. Even without an active CCNA.



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                                  i believe hunger is the lightning in the bottle that hiring managers/interviewers fail to take into account...

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                                    Thanks for the confirmation. Just pulled out the study guides for Switch (300-115) and Route (300-101). Time to get on with it! See you guys in the forum.

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