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    Upgrade VIRL from v1.5.145 to 1.6. failed (=== State common.arp.init ===)

    Mark LeBlanc

      I am adding a new thread to the others that are already experiencing this issue...




      virl@virl:/$ cd /var/local/virl/logs ; grep -l 'vinstall upgrade' *.cmd | while read ff ; do tail ${ff/cmd/out} ; done

          "changes": {},

          "result": true



      === State common.arp.init ===

      Succeeded 2; failed 1

      Duration: 2.74

      ERROR: Some states failed in call "state.sls common.arp.init":

      "file_|-enlarge_arp_cache_|-/usr/local/bin/enlarge_arp_cache_|-managed" (User virl-services is not available Group virl-services is not available)

      Upgrade failed on common.arp.init