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    US Salt Masters Unreachable


      Just an FYI...


      It's been about three weeks since my last VIRL escapade and salt validation expired as expected.


      Attempted revalidation failures then success:

      1. DNS test to US salt masters worked and everything else failed.
      2. Changed to EU salt masters and everything worked except Connect, which failed due to Minion authentication failure.
      3. Logged in to my account then downloaded installed a new key.  The ID is different from the original.
      4. Reset salt to validate to EU salt masters successful.  All good
      5. Tried to reset/revalidate to US salt masters.  DNS test worked and everything else failed as with the first revalidation attempt.
      6. Reset one more time and selected the EU salt masters.  All good again.
      7. Looks to me like there is a problem with or getting to the US salt masters.  I can't do anything about that.


      Have a pleasant day.