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    Needing help running VIRL within the DevNet sandbox


      I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this. If not, please point me in the right direction.


      I'm just getting my feet wet with the DevNet Sandbox. I make a reservation, get logged into my sandbox, see that it shows Active in the upper righthand corner and read through the directions and review the topology drawing.


      I can log into the DevBox/jumphost no problem. That's where the trouble begins. I cannot ping any of the management IPs or loopback IPs shown in the drawing (I'm using the Data Center Nexus lab with four switches).  Can someone tell me what I can do to figure out why none of the IPs in the topology drawing are unreachable from the jump host?  Because I'm logged into the jumphost, I know by AnyConnect VPN is working.


      I've read through all the documentation and watched some videos on Youtube, but none of that helps. The instruction in my sandbox (to me) are lacking a lot of critical info I need to get this up and running. It shouldn't be this difficult to get a pre-configured sim (the one named "Open NX-OS with Nexus 9Kv")  up and running.


      When I log into my devbox, it doesn't even show the sim running. It just shows this, so what am I missing here???