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    OpenVPN and Shared Flat network simulation



      I have VIRL running on ESXi. I managed to setup the OpenVPN, which puts my client PC directly on the FLAT network.


      If I understand it well, running a simulation where the topology for the Management Network is set to "Private Project Network", introduces a LXC that has 1 leg (eth0) on the FLAT network, and the other leg on the simulated network 'management network (10.255.0.x), ie. it can reach both subnets (FLAT and Mgmt 10.255.0.x). that mgmt network can be seen as OOB console access though the LXC.

      To reach the simulated nodes directly from my PC now (connected on the FLAT network through OpenVPN) , do I need to add a static route for 10.255.0.x towards that LXC? My goal is to eliminate the need to connect through VM Maestro...


      And to connect another VM machine which I set up on ESXi to my simulation:  I connect that VM to the FLAT port group ESXi, and add a "L2 External (flat)" component in my simulation. Is that correct?


      trying to get my head around it - any help to get me forward is welcome...