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    I can't access to Cisco Packet Tracer

    Christian Lazarte

      Hello guys,


      I need your support, a few month ago, and exactly, after the last Cisco NetAcad Update and the roll out of the SSO system. I can´t access to log in to Packet Tracer.


      I have problem here because my email account has been registeres in webex, and netacad and cisco.com by different way, and suddenly after the last update I can´t access to PKT.


      Before, I only need to put my credential of NetAcad and now when i put my credencials the message that I recieve is in order of the following image.


      This is the information about my computer, but I try in others and the issue is the same.


      - Operating System and version: Win 10

      - Packet Tracer version:

      - Java version: Version 8 Update 221

      - The last page you saw before receiving the error: The error appear after your update of the Cisco Networking Academy and the single sign on affected my log in

      - The last action you saw before receiving the error: I only put my email to login in Packet Tracer


      If any guy has any comment about that. I'll waiting for their response.


      Thank you