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    Transport input telnet/ssh command...confused...


      My question is about setting up Telnet access to a Cisco switch.


      With regards to my ICDN1 book I have read that you either have to set telnet or SSH access or both using the following vty command: transport input telnet ssh (omitting telnet if you just want to use SSH)


      So here is where I am confused. In taking various boson exams they are showing that a Telnet connection can be made to a switch by setting the IP address on a VLAN and issuing the "password" and "login" commands without even using the "transport input" type command.


      How can this be?


      I had telnet configured on the switch here in my home lab and then issued a "transport input none" command and not I can not connect via Telnet. But looking at the testing configuration it does not even use this command. The config reads as follows on the Boson NetSim Exam:


      line vty 0 15


      password cisco


      I am thinking is it because I already set the transport method on the switch and then took it off by using the "none" command.


      So is the test wrong? How can I totally get rid of the transport method on a vty interface??


      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.