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    Upgrade Issue 1.6.65




      Tried an in-Place Upgrade and followed the steps here:

      VIRL 1.6.65 Release Notes


      UWM is no longer reachable over GUI and I issued an upgrade over CLI as described here:

      1. Login to the VIRL server via SSH
      2. From CLI copy and paste the following command:
        • sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://ha.pool.sks-keyservers.net:80 --recv-keys 9DC858229FC7DD38854AE2D88D81803C0EBFCD88
      3. Restart the upgrade by running:
        • sudo vinstall upgrade
        • Wait for the upgrade to complete. This may take several minutes and it will appear to hang. When complete, reboot the VIRL server
        • sudo reboot now
      4. If the upgrade fails or errors are returned, run the following command and post in a new thread:
        • cd /var/local/virl/logs ; grep -l 'vinstall upgrade' *.cmd | while read ff ; do tail ${ff/cmd/out} ; done


      This is the output:


      virl@virl:~$ cd /var/local/virl/logs ; grep -l 'vinstall upgrade' *.cmd | while read ff ; do tail ${ff/cmd/out} ; done

          "changes": {},

          "result": true



      === State common.arp.init ===

      Succeeded 2; failed 1

      Duration: 2.58

      ERROR: Some states failed in call "state.sls common.arp.init":

      "file_|-enlarge_arp_cache_|-/usr/local/bin/enlarge_arp_cache_|-managed" (User virl-services is not available Group virl-services is not available)

      Upgrade failed on common.arp.init