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    Joining LWAP(with static IP) to WLC(no DHCP)




      I am using Cisco packet tracer v  I am using following topology.


      |LAP|------------(ethernet)--------------|3560 multilayer switch|-----------------(ethernet)---------------|WLC|


      As a start, I configured management IP address on WLC, created a wireless LAN in a default AP group and enabled DHCP.  I did no extra configurations on switch or LAP.  After few seconds, I could see the LAP getting listed under Access Points Group.


      I am trying to do the same with DHCP disabled.  In the LAP -> Config -> global -> settings ->Gateway/DNS IPv4 , I see option 'static' and I could enter gateway and DNS.  But I donot see any option to enter static IP address on LAP.  I believe without IP address on LAP, it will not discover WLC.


      Can someone please let me know how I can make all the things work with static IP addresses.


      Thanks in advance.