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    Is it worth to do CCIE DC?


      Hello Friends,


      Is it worth to do CCIE DC ?


      I feel that DC track contains today's few hot technologies like BGP EVPN, vxlan and ACI and rest nexus VPC, fabric path omitted by Cisco, OTV is going to outdated


      so for two or three topics, is it really worth to do CCIE certification and for these few topics, only study is enough instead certification if you have some hands-on experience ?


      please let me know your perspective of doing CCIE DC certification ?  or only study is enough for few technologies ?

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          Hello Rocky--The DC IE contains more than what you just listed.  I would recommend that you take a look at the CCIE DC blueprint for the current version (v2.1) and the new version coming up in Feb 2020 (v3.0).  Here's the link for the v3.0 website. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/certifications/expert/ccie-data-center-v2.html


          In my opinion, you might be able to pass the written exam without much lab experience, but you will not be able to touch the lab exam without significant hands-on.


          Regarding your question of whether the CCIE DC is worth it, I can tell you that most IEs out there are R/S, and DC IEs are a much rarer breed.  Being able to say that you are part of that elite club of Cisco recognized experts has its definite advantages.



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            Hello Rocky - In response of your written, sometimes it scares of people like me when people ask such questions . I just passed CCIE DC written exam two months back and now I am preparing for CCIE DC lab exam. So for me its really should be a worthy as every enterprise is moving towards ACI, Virtualization, Nexus Data center technologies. Additionally DC is not only for the Data center technologies but in new syllabus Cisco added R & S technologies as well which makes is really a demandable certification. I believe, doing any CCIE in any track is worthy at all. People are investing a huge money and time to become CCIE DC so obviously it must me worthy .


            Thanks in Advance.

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              Hi Rocky,


              What is your current line of work? What are your goals over the next 5 years? How much free time do you have to dedicate to this?


              I got my first CCIE (Route Switch) in October. It is 100% worth it to me, as I work in consulting with a VAR. Aside from using these skills in my day-to-day work, having my CCIE has significantly boosted my current career opportunities. If I didn't go down the CCIE path, I likely wouldn't have been considered for my current position (I was actively attempting the lab when I was hired).


              Despite what people like to say on Reddit and other social media outlets, the CCIE is very valuable. When you consider the updates to the curriculum after Feb 23 2020, the CCIE becomes even more relevant as the network engineering field becomes increasingly automated.

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                CCIE DC is in high demand

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                  Thank you All!!!

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                    I have ACI experience of 3 years and we are hiring people who knows ACI or who has experience in ACI skillset but i never see vacancy where mentioned that CCIE DC is compulsory. and when i decided to do CCIE DC and when i started studying SAN/UCS but SAN/UCS did not impressed me to study further like ACI and Nexus. so i though whats the point of doing CCIE DC just for ACI and Nexus.. ??

                    i say around 100++ vacancies where they just need ACI skillset but expert level handson.. and CCIE DC does not fulfill this condition.

                    just my thought..i will prefer to do CCIE Security instead. I know both tracks are very different. but trend looks like we need to know R&S, ACI, Security (CCIE preferable as i say many vacancies with CCIE Security highly recommended)


                    so even i feel security boring but if we need to secure job, then studying Security is must along with ACI skillset.


                    just my thought!!!