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    Is the Cisco WSA a dying breed?


      is cisco focusing shift to their FTD/FP code rather than developing the WSA anymore?

      I imagine there are still features in the WSA that are not in the FTD/FP code. Thoughts?

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          Karlo Bobiles

          Hello Hailat


          I don't believe that is so. For the past couple of months, I've been hosting webinars focused on WSA. Have you taken a look at the following training videos page: Web Security Training Videos


          We have an upcoming session on an overview of release 11.8 that will provide a detailed drill down on features & Integrations such as:



          • UX Refresh on WSA
          • API Reporting on WSA
          • Custom bypass list
          • Automatic Config Backup
          • Updated: Interactive Walk Through
          • Office 365: Exception List (External Categories)
          • Threat Grid Cluster Support
          • Cisco Threat Response (CTR) Integration using SMA
          • Threat/Multi URL Categories
          • HTTPS Passthrough (Without Certification Check)
          • ISE Enhancements (VDI Support / AD Group fall back)
          • SMA Enhancements (Multi-Configuration)


          I do encourage you to register if you haven't done so already.


          Thank you,

          Karlo Bobiles

          Cisco Learning Network

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            haven't seen one in a production network in a long time... but that doesn't mean they are going away...

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              i've seen a few over the last 2 years, and i don't think so that is going away anytime soon.