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    "VIRL on Packet" deployment issues


      I've been using Packet.com servers to run VIRL. Since I use it sporadically, I'll create a server when I need it and delete it when I'm done.

      I've recently started having problems installing VIRL on the packet servers. After consulting with their support staff, I'm told that the issue is "on Cisco's side." Apparently, Packet deploys servers within a couple different IP ranges. If the server gets an IP from the "good" block (147.75.x.x), then the install process succeeds. If it gets an IP from the "bad" block (139.178.x.x), then the server can't download the VIRL installer (that's presumably hosted somewhere in Cisco's network?). It sounds like there's a security policy that needs to be updated somewhere.


      Is there anyone in the Cisco sphere that can look into this? Or escalate it if it's a known issue?