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    How to get Juniper's vMX, to work/run properly on Cisco Virl 1.6.x platform




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      We have purchased Juniper Networks MX Series vMX - license - 100 Mbps, which included the Juniper Networks MX Series vMX image as well.  I do not know how to get Juniper Networks MX Series vMX to work correctly.  I have the vMX image running, but the interfaces are not showing up.  Juniper has sent me a vMX Getting Started Guide for KVM https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/vmx/information-products/pathway-pages/getting-started/getting-started.pdf , but this vMX Getting Started Guide was not created for Cisco Virl platform.  Can someone help me get this up and running?

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          Karlo Bobiles

          Hello Bryan,


          Importing third party VM's into VIRL is an option, however there is no official documentation. However, do check out the community generated content for notes on adding that specific image, which can be found here: Playing with Juniper vMX on VIRL


          Please note: The following content is provided "as is."  That page originally referenced an archived discussion on the old VIRL dev-innovate forum.  Since that site is no longer available, the content of that discussion thread has been added into that page.


          I know it's not much, but one alternative is to configure external communication for your simulation. This will allow your VIRL nodes to connect to an external network. For example, you would deploy your Juniper environment as a standalone system on a separate network (outside of VIRL) and have your VIRL simulation (configured for external communication) connect to the Juniper environment.


          Please review the following guide: How To: Configure External Connectivity for Simulations (supplemental)


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