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    Failure to activate new instance of VIRL

    James Perks



      I purchased VIRL on the 9th August.

      I have deployed the latest version of VIRL (1.6.65) to VMware fusion (11.1.1) running on a mac (10.14.6).


      I have been having issues activating VIRL so cannot use it today.

      After the initial failure I completely redeployed the VM but have run into exactly the same issues.

      Which seems to be in connecting to any of the salt masters. Although I can ping, resolve and connect to the ports 4505-4506 of the salt masters.

      Screenshot 2019-08-11 at 17.18.57.png

      I am based in the UK and have tried the EU, US and AP servers all without success.


      I have run through the troubleshooting steps as in this article. T-Shoot: Failed to collect current salt contact status

      Output of the commands in the attached text file.


      The health status of the VIRL install is also attached.


      Can you please help me to get this activated.


      Many thanks