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    VIRL 1.5 Status check is failing




      My VIRL 1.5 instance started showing a Salt Status Check Error, I've been unable to fix it.  Wondering if anyone can help.


      -License is valid until November 2019

      -It was working great up until 7/25, that was the last time it could successfully validate


      Status check is failing. It may be temporary and resolve itself after a few minutes, or else should be fixed by resetting the configuration.


      Connectivity checks show DNS, ping, port 4505-4506 all connect and are successful.  NTP check shows successful as well.


      I tried the following so far, no luck:

      • Re-download license from website and re-import in the Reset keys and ID screen
      • Switching out the hostnames of the salt servers to their IP's
      • Trying both EU and AP salt servers (my default are US)


      SrvValTest.text output is attached.