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    Eddie's CCNA (200-125) Study Group


      Hi Everyone, 


      I am creating this post with the hopes of seeing some people who are interested to give their CCNA 200-125 exam within the next 3-4 months. I am currently preparing for my CCNA exam and would be absolutely delighted if anyone would like to join my study group. We can share notes, resources and discuss any topic we have difficulty in.


      So here's what we gonna do :-

      1) We need to download the CCNA 200-125 blueprint from here : CCNA Exam Topics

      2) Next we will be going topic by topic and covering at least 3 - 5 topics per day if that's possible for you.


      3) We need to download packet tracer and GNS3 for our lab practices later in this course.

      4) And last but not the least lets create a group on Skype or maybe lets download web conferencing tool called Zoom so we can actually have group study together. Here's the link : https://www.zoom.us/


      If you like my plan and would like to join my study group please leave me a message below and we shall begin the study group together.



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