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    1 Subnet 2 Gateways PBR




      Its the first time I post here so not sure if this is the right place.
      I have 2 L3 switches configured in HSRP. 1 of them has a link to a firewall.
      My goal is this:

      VL50 Local 1 traffic ( .1 is HSRP virtual IP .4 is Firewall IP

      VL60 Local 2 traffic ( .1 is HSRP virtual IP .4 is Firewall IP

      VL80 DMZ ( .1 is HSRP virtual IP .4 is Firewall IP


      VL50<>VL60 should go through an ACL on the VLAN interface to filter traffic. in case the firewall connection is cut this will keep working

      VL50<>DMZ traffic is routed to the firewall


      The end devices have the HSRP virtual IP as default gateway.

      I thought that if I make an ACL that define's all traffic with destination DMZ or web traffic and apply a route-map to it to forward it to the .2 (firewall IP) it would work.
      It doesn't and I don't really know why, any advice?




      Extended IP access list 2150

          10 permit ip

          20 deny ip

          30 deny ip

          40 deny ip

          50 permit ip any


      route-map TEST permit 10

      match ip address 2150

      set ip next-hop



      local traffic seems to work well but the PBR doesn't work at all