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    Assist with resume and/or job advice


      Hi guys,


      I'm here again. I didnt know where to post this, so I came here. Forgive me if it is wrong. So I got my CCNA R&S in November '18 and got my CCNA Security in May. I'm on track to take the CCNP Switch exam within the next 3weeks, and then begin studying for the Route and eventually, TSHOOT. I'm having an extremely tough time landing interviews, let alone getting an actual networking job. Truth is, I don't have any IT experience whatsoever. I have always been passionate about IT, even though I found myself getting a BSc in a physical science.

      I have created something that I think a network engineer's resume should look like, and I it feel should attract recruiters and hiring managers, but I'm not getting any calls. I have also created a Linkedin page. Still, nothing.

      So, I'm here to ask for assistance. If anyone would be so kind as to review my resume and point out what I might be missing or what I might have done wrong, I would be very grateful. I wouldn't be opposed to it either, if anyone is so moved to helping with putting me in touch with a hiring manager or somebody.

      My head is full of this new knowledge and I'm very eager to start configuring switch port security, optimizing STP, building VPNs, building etherchannels and all that fun stuff. I'm hungry for the experience and I am also hungry, like literally!


      please, help!!!



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