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    Using practice exams (potential braindumps)?


      Hello. I am currently preparing for CCENT exam. My question is - can you get banned for cheating if you use some bought or downloaded exam question sets (practice exams)? (I do not mean learning exact answers and questions, but using them rather as study source - if you cannot answer any question related to the exam topic, you should pratice it a bit more, doesn't matter if it is marked as "braindump" or not). There are some paid practice exams, but when you use them, there is some probability that it might be a braindump.

      Where is that line between "OK" and "not OK"? Is it just in getting access to these questions? Or is it really based on your exam score (for example, you correctly answer all difficult OSPF-related questions and then totally mess some simlet or lab related to dynamic routing)?


      Thanks for any help.