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    Questions on Recertification for CCIE


      Forgive me if these are repetitive questions but I haven't been able to search for exact answers.


      I have CCIE certs that will expire circa mid 2021 (dates taken off pearsoncred and olsm). My questions are:


      1. The above expiry does not include the 1 year suspended (inactive) period. Yes?

      2. Come Feb 2020, my expiry of mid 2021 will change to mid 2022 automatically. Yes?

      3. If I carry out a recert sometime this year, will it bring my expiry to mid 2023? And when Feb 2020 arrives, this changes to mid 2024?

      4. If point #2 is correct and my expiry becomes mid 2022 after Feb 2020. I carry out another recert, say on Mar 2020, will my latest expiry date be mid 2025 then? Considering the fact that recerts after Feb 2020 has a 3 year validity period?