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    Problem VPC Type-2 consistency reasons on N9K (New Deployment)


      Hi Master,


      We have a couple new deployment nexus 93180YC with NX-OS 7.0.3.I7.6.

      We have configuring the vpc domain, and vlan database. Its like and must be same with peer switch, but i have still facing Please check "show vpc consistency-parameters vpc <vpc-num>" for the consistency reason of down vpc and for type-2 consistency reasons for any vpc.

      Lets see the capture below:






      And some detail:



      Please help me to tshoot in deep

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          Kevin Santillan

          You don't have inconsistencies at the moment - all status are successful. The message you're seeing is just there to inform you to do a show vpc consistency parameters in case you do have inconsistencies. The show vpc brief output is your final verification to check the VPC's health. You'll see an output similar to this one if you have issues.


          vPC domain id                     : 102

          Peer status                       : peer adjacency formed ok     

          vPC keep-alive status             : peer is alive                

          Configuration consistency status  : success

          Per-vlan consistency status       : success                      

          Type-2 consistency status         : failed

          Type-2 inconsistency reason       : SVI type-2 configuration incompatible

          vPC role                          : primary


          In this case, one particular SVI is up on this switch while the one in the peer is down thus the inconsistency. One thing to take note is Type-2 inconsistencies, which are the most common ones I've encountered due to the number of VLANs/SVIs you typically have in a DC, won't actually cause issues with VPCs. It's just a warning that your configs between the peers don't match.