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    Passed ROUTE 2017, just passed SWITCH 2019, best way to re-learn ROUTE for TSHOOT?


      I have been using INE Keith Bogarts CCNP Technology Review course where he basically builds out a lab from Layer 2 to Layer 3, but its just not doing anything for me as I'd hoped it would.


      I did buy the Boson Sim for TSHOOT as its 25% off their products over the summer which made the decision easier, and it also replicates Sims amazingly well, but when I fired it up I was kind of aghast at how little dynamic routing or troubleshooting concepts I had retained from my ROUTE studies (Especially IPV6 technologies).


      I have the INE all access pass, wondering if I should just bite the bullet and watch the entirety of the ROUTE section again, or if others with this same issue have gone forward?


      I don't feel I should really need the official TSHOOT cert guide with INE / Boson sim at my disposal unless others found that just immensely helpful?


      Any input appreciated!

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