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    Cloud track gone!

    Ivan Z.

      Hello all,


      I got interested in the Cloud track last year because it was the only one that covered ACI thoroughly with CCNP Cloud exam "300-475 CLDACI" however I decided to start from CCNA and build some solid foundation before going further. One year later, I got my CCNA Cloud certification and I must say I am glad that track is being retired and ACI exam is being merged with CCNP Data Center.


      Studying for "210-451 CLDFND" was interesting and informative and it was fairly simple to pass the exam if you have good understanding of Cloud service and deployment models.


      "210-455 CLDADM" however was a completely different experience. The materials were very dry and dull to read (almost like reading a product user manual), covering some Cisco technologies that are already discontinued, while omitting the new and popular ones.


      The exam was equally painful with a lot of vague questions that required some oddly specific answers. I provided feedback on dozen of those and clicked my way through the exam just to get over with it. Somehow I passed at the end, but felt really revolted with the quality and overall experience. I felt there was no added value provided by this certification.


      I understand it is hard to keep the study materials and exam questions up to date with current situation on the market and also maintain good quality, but I simply expected more.


      My apologies about this rant, I simply had to take it off my chest. Anyway, looking forward to preparing "DCCOR 300-601" which will hopefully validate my CCNA Cloud and DC knowledge gained during last few years and get me closer to taking the ACI concentration exam.


      RIP Cloud track