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    CCIE Preparation Guide Help




      I have only 6 months to do CCIE R&S, (Parents only gave me 1 year  to do whatever i want to do for my career, i already spent 6 months in CCNA R&S, CCNA Security, CCNP R&S, CCNP Security (Firewall) training. But, Cisco changed track and certification content. Can anyone please, kindly, tell me. How can i achieve my CCIE R&S Certification goal in 6 month. Preparation, Training, Written Exams, Lab Exams Preparations. 

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          Hello Faisal

          I wish you good luck, CCIE in 6 Months is not undoable but the question is " why do want to be a CCIE RS Certified", expert level is not only for the certification but for the whole engineer carrier.

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            Hi Faisal

            I can understand your situation.

            But honestly .. to set yourself 1 year for CCIE RS is unrealistic. Well it also depends on your previous background.

            I think you have achieved a lot in 6 months if you say ccna, ccnp rs/sec. It sounds unreal to me all that in 6 months

            I would suggest that if you have not passed the written then wait for the new CCIE Enterprise exam. It will more valuable than RS.

            Hope this helps.

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                Depends what else you have on your plate - JNCIE?

                Six months just on CCIE and nothing else isn't too hard - can't see the point, but who am I to judge.

                As I recall, Cisco themselves used to get people to CCIE in one year on one their graduate schemes, and whilst you were working full-time, or maybe that was just a rumor

                You should be able to do it in 1000 hours. so people say. For the lab prep, hands on/ By my calculations, that is 20 hours a day, five days a week for 10 weeks...that's less than half the time you have, so you can pick the written up on the way and make two attempts. Get stuck in

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                  Steven Davidson

                  Six months would be a very aggressive timeline even for somebody who has several years of work experience under their belt.  Consider that the pass rate on the first attempt is very low and that means that you need to plan for two attempts minimum (with a 30-day cool off period between attempts).  This might be difficult to schedule because the closer we get to the end the more contention there likely will be for available spots.  Of course, the viability of clearing it in six months depends on a lot of factors.  How much you're able/willing to spend on it is one of them.  If you have $$$ available to you then you could start by keeping an eye out for what happens with the Cisco Expert-level training bundle.  I'm curious to see if they'll deeply discount the current version of the product (or perhaps they'll come out with a revamped production soon).  If you were to go out and get the preferred bundle today and you made getting through the content a full-time job I think you could make the first attempt by November.  That would leave you room for a couple more attempts before the end.  Even if you do not accomplish the goal before the end you should be well equipped, by that point, to represent yourself well in a technical interview.  From there you can get an entry-level job and start working, in earnest, on the new version in 2020.  You'll have a head start on that certification since I imagine quite a bit of what's on the CCIE RS v5 topic list will make its way over to the new version.


                  There's also the written to consider.  Prepping for the written is not the same as preparing for the lab.  Written prep is, in my opinion, heavy on general reading and lab prep is heavy on command line and topology building and researching configuration guides and tech notes for very specific things.  If found that while prepping for the practical the volume of reading I did went way down.  What I'm trying to say is that it's sort of difficult to do both at the same time.  So if you don't have your written already cleared or you're not already well on your way to clearing the written then it makes it that much more improbable that you can position yourself to take your first attempt with enough time to leave room for a second or third attempt.


                  Good luck!

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                    well put...

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                      You may have a head start on the new blueprint, but a lot of people are panicking about training material for that

                      Re the Cisco Expert-Level Training. I see the Advanced Mini Bundle is now $499 and I'm sure it used to be $999.

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                        as before I use the blueprint to cultivate material from cisco.com and other reputable sources...

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                          cisco.com is a reputable source i've heard it all now

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                            All Cisco Expert-Level Training products are indeed discounted because of the upcoming changes to the certifications. But please note the subscription period is also reduced to 6 months.




                            Cisco Expert-Level Training

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                              If the duration is shortened they might want to update the website to show that


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                                They did! It used to be 585 days. 6 months is about 180, plus 2 weeks to account for Cisco mandatory / holiday shutdown. Unless my math is wrong...

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                                  Steven Davidson

                                  I ran the numbers, too, and it seems pretty legit...



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                                    I guess my sarcasm didn't translate well into written form, apologies (for the lack of translation, not the sarcasm )

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