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    CCDE changing or going away?


      I see it has been announced that there will be a lot of changes to the certification tracks... but it doesn't seem clear what is happening to the design track.


      Are CCDP and CCDE staying, or going away?

      I hope not... I've been working toward CCDE for quite some time now  :-(

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          Karlo Bobiles

          Hello brettlarkins,


          There are no changes at this time for CCDE.


          Last day to take the CCDA and CCDP exams is February 23, 2020. After that, the certifications will be retired.  If you have started working toward the current CCDA or CCDP certification, keep going. In the new program, you’ll receive credit for work you've already completed.


          Basically, we’ve consolidated the CCNA program into one, comprehensive exam that covers entry level networking skills across technologies, such as basic IP fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity, and basics of automation and network programmability, and security fundamental skills, because a breadth of skills is needed when first entering networking. We’ve refocused our CCNP and CCIE program to align with the five principal technologies, including Enterprise, Security, Service Provider, Collaboration and Data Center. Retired programs have been consolidated into these technology tracks. For example, we’ve consolidated Wireless into the Enterprise track, as wireless skills are critical in any enterprise deployment. Where subject matter fit into more than one potential track, as was the case with Automation and Programming, the subject matter became a concentration exam in multiple CCNP technology tracks. Where this is the case, the same content will be leveraged across tracks. Your current certification is still valid and will be active until it’s expiration date.


          Thank you,

          Karlo Bobiles

          Cisco Learning Network

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            Elaine Lopes

            Very comprehensive answer!

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              Hi Brettlarkins,


              Just to add some information to the valuable information provided by Karlo.

              Regarding your concerns about the CCDE, it will be remaining as it is for now, as you can read below:



              You can confirm this information at the FAQ section:


              At the following link:  https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/take-learning-to-next-level.html#~stickynav=5


              Regarding CCDP, you can check the update at the following links:

              Design (CCDP)


              CCNP Enterprise Certification and Training Program




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                Thank you for the clarification!  This puts me a little more at ease :-)

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                  Thanks !!

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                    Hi Carlo


                    But the answer is still not ferm

                    There are no changes at this time for CCDE.


                    And because CCDP is going away, I can only assume that Cisco wanted to play nice with people who already are engaged into CCDE and didn't say that they are retiring this cert track.

                    But I'm almost sure that CCDE is going away next year or in 2 years. Especially that they introduced in all CCIE tracks - design section.


                    The only thing I don't like is, the idea of giving back the Design/Architect jobs to technical CCIE's. This, in my opinion, is mistake.

                    When you are trying to Architect a new network, technical CCIE will always think about small things (up to protocol timers), instead of big picture.


                    I would prefer that Cisco would leave CCDE and adding into it Datacenter and Security instead of splitting it and moving to the tracks.

                    A valuable Architect/Designer should be good in all areas and not only some.

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                      Karlo Bobiles

                      Hello Ruslan Lungu,

                      Thank you for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated. As mentioned, there are no changes to CCDE at this time and there is no news or information to indicate an upcoming update to this certification track. Please note that Cisco will make an official announcement if and when there is an upcoming revision. To achieve the CCDE certification, candidates will need to fulfill the current requirements as published in the CCDE certification page. However, feel free to continue checking the CCDE certification page periodically for any future news or announcements.

                      Thank you,

                      Karlo Bobiles

                      Cisco Learning Network