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    200-255 and new exam


      Wow ! So a big announcement from Cisco regarding the new certification track. I currently have my CCNA R/S (did have CCNP R/S but managed to let it expire - DOH !). Anyway, I currently have my CCNA Wireless 200-355 exam booked for August with a view to going on and getting CCNP Wireless. I'm in a quandry as to whether I should bother with the CCNA Wireless exam and just wait and do two exams come February and get CCNP Wireless that way. Any thoughts from others in the same boat ? I guess it might still be worth sitting the 200-355 exam but then again it's one extra exam

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          Joey - CCNP R&S - CCNA (Sec,WiFi)

          Yeah it might not be worth your time anymore, I got my CCNA-W at the end of 2017 so that one will expire end 2020 without renewal.


          Since I do have the CCNP R&S I will receive the ENCOR and ENARSI credential, so I only need to perform ENWLSI or ENWLSD to get an extra specialist wireless credential while renewing the CCNP like that.


          So there are two possible paths after that, namely CCIE Enterprise or Wireless.


          In your case, do study for it but just use the knowledge going forward and then go for the ENCOR and ENWLSI/D exam.