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    Welcome to the new CCNA Study Group

    Brett Lovins

      Welcome to this brand new study group, glad you found your way here. My name is Brett Lovins and I am one of the Community Mangers on the site. If you’re here, you’ll likely have questions. That’s what we are here for. But in case you didn’t review the main information page, might start there first.




      That said… we are standing by to take your questions.

      Brett Lovins

      Community Manager

      Cisco Learning Network

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          Hey Brett, the changes look great! As someone who's just passed their CCNA Wireless and is now pursuing the CCNA Security I'm a little unsure what to do now. Would earning the CCNA Security at this point be pointless? Is there any ETA on the OCGs for these new specialization certifications?

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            Brett Lovins

            Hi John... getting your CCNA Sec before 2/24/20 would give you a valid CCNA Security for 3 years. That would seem to be a good course of action IMHO. There will be transition over many months/years from the CCNAs of today to the CCNA in Feb 2020. Having a CCNA Security for your career goals will say a lot about the breadth of knowledge you have and will not be a waste.


            I have not heard about when OCGs will be out yet. I'm sure they are working diligently toward releasing them as soon as possible. Wendell Odom is doing 2 webinars with CLN in the coming months... CCNA Training Videos


            I'll see if I can get some info from him and/or another contact at Pearson/Cisco Press to see what info I can get.


            Best to you John.


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              Hi Brett,


              I took prep courses for the CCNA a while ago as part of a certificate program, but because of the other school work I'm just now sitting down to study for the exam and it'll be my first cert. I was planning on following the two-exam path by taking ICND-1 then ICND-2, but now I'm not sure. What happens if I only get the CCENT and don't take and pass part 2 by February 24th? I'd have to take the NEW exam for the full CCNA, correct?


              Would it make sense to start studying the extra content and take THAT exam next year instead of rushing to take the current version? I just discovered Kevin Wallace's CCNA Learning Path on O'Reilly learning, which was JUST developed in April 19 and icludes content on Cloud Services, SDN, Network Programmability, etc. so I presume what I'm watching is the first content available for the 200-301.


              Curious what you think. Happy to be in a study group though!

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                Hey Brett,

                Thanks for opening this group since day one of the announcement of the new CCNA certification that will become available on February 24th. 2020. 

                Really appreciate the link you shared with us:




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                  So Brett, whats going to happen to the old CCENT/CCNA Study group?  Looks like you might have to rename them, or one of them, so people know they are posting in the appropriate place.

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                    that was fast...

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                      Brett Lovins

                      If you pass your ICND1 exam... you'll have a CCENT certification from that pass date - for 3 years. AND... you'll be studying a lot of what is in upcoming CCNA as a part of that. I'd recommend staying the course... if you're gonna do the 2 exam approach... you've got 8 months to knock out the two exams. Should be doable if you can consistently study. You could also consider aiming at the CCNA R&S composite exam instead of the 2 exam approach. But no matter what you decide... the knowledge you are acquiring will apply to all the exams in play here.


                      Additionally here... I got an email from Wendell Odom with dates for his CCNA book:


                      CCNA 200-301 OCG Vol 1 - Sept 2019


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                        Brett Lovins

                        Hi Kev. Thanks for the question. Eventually we'll be adopting a simpler Study Groups hierarchy.





                        Service Provider


                        Data Center



                        And then we'll encourage people to use the "categories" check boxes we've set up at the bottom of new threads.




                        For a while, we anticipate less activity in these new groups as people work toward the existing CCENT/CCNA R&S certs. But over time... we will encourage people who are studying for the upcoming CCNA, to start using this new group. In Feb 2020, we'll start planning to migrate some of the top/active threads from the "old" study groups to the new ones and eventually we'll close them (just like we did for the last CCNA R&S refresh).



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                          Thanks Brett, I was just curious because the old forums are so full of good posts and information, and it would be a shame if they were not accessible as archives or something like "retired forums" or something like that, that were searchable.

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                            Brett Lovins

                            We'll take that under advisement too Kev... thank you.

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                              Hey Brett


                              I took prep courses for CCNA Routing and Switching 200-125. But the announcement of CCNA Exam v1. 0 (200-301) exam puts me into confusion.


                              What happen if I get certified in CCNA R&S 200-125 before 23 Feb 2020 and after that everything is gonna change right. Is CCNA R&S 200-125 certificate for the next 3 years or I get a new certificate (CCNA Exam v1. 0 (200-301)). My confusion arises based on the words mentioned below.


                              Could you explain these words

                              "New exam goes live on February 24, 2020 If you have started working toward any current CCNA certification, keep going. You have until February 24, 2020 to complete your current CCNA.

                                   • If you complete any current CCNA certification before February 24, you’ll receive the new CCNA certification and a training badge in the corresponding technology area"


                              these lines mentioned in 2nd page of . ccna-at-a-glance.pdf 


                              Could you explain these things in details ??

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                                You automatically will be upgraded to the new CCNA certification, if you are already certified when the new exam takes effect.


                                The badge, it appears, is just a way of showing recognition that you were studying in a particular CCNA track when you got your CCNA.  What the "badge" looks like, or how/where it appears, I don't know.

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                                  another question is this... now that there is a jump over option for ccna, it would make sense that achieving the new ccnp nets ccna as a result... is that the case under these new guidelines?

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                                    Before people bombard Brett, please see this link.  https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en_us/training-events/training-certification-faqs.pdf

                                    It's a great FAQ sheet.


                                    In my opinion, CCNA has finally become the "Generalist" certification of Networking.  It actually fits my job quite nicely because I do a little bit of everything from R&S, to Security, wireless, voip, data center.  This will be very interesting.  Trying for certs for all of the various things I do became very challenging, plus, there is plenty I do with other vendors network gear as well, so you look at certification with other vendors and keeping all the certs updated becomes even more of a challenge.


                                    My only concern is that the new CCNA, being so broad, may be very overwhelming for some.  With broadness also comes a bit of shallowness.  The deeper you go, it seem like the more the broadness goes away.  That has been my experience anyway.  So if the new CCNA is shallow enough and allows the depthness to reside in the NP level and higher exams, I can totally see where Cisco is coming from.


                                    This new approach will be quite interesting, indeed.

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