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    CE VLAN tag over Pseudowire


      Hi all,

      I lab VLAN based p2p EoMPLS Service but I face a problem.

      As I read and understand:

      Once CE sends a packet to AC, it encapsulates the packet with CE vlan tag. When the packet arrives PE, PW will switch it to corresponding PW based on it vlan tag and PE would maintain this vlan tag as inner vlan tag when the packet was transmitted on PW.

      If we have a CLI "rewrite ingress tag pop 1 symmetric" on service instance on both PEs then PEs will pop CE vlan tag from the packet before switch it to PW.


      But in my lab, I see that on both cases (with and without CLI "rewrite ingress tag pop 1 symmetric"), I don't see CE vlan tag when the packet traverses the PW.


      Hope for your help.