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    Passed CCNA SECURITY this morning feels really good!!!


      I am glad to share my joy with y'll about my successful score on passing CCNA SECURITY exam I got 942, kinda nice.

      I got bad score on IPS but no surprise there since I've never worked with Cisco IPS:)

      Otherwise, my parallel study on CCNP switch and the fact that I got my CCNA cyber ops last year helped me a lot.

      CCNP switch helped me with all the Layer 2 security, STP questions and DHCP snooping question.

      I got myself a physical ASA 5510 which I like and spend time configuring, braking and reconfiguring again, also did labs with physical Switches, configurations of AAA with Windows 2016 and labing in GNS3 configuring and hardenning routers .

      Honestly I kinda stretched my study and it took me about 2 years since my first mark of study and till today when I passed CCNA security.


      I will be working towards CCNP switch exam now, kinda thinking about Wireless, but I feel like I need to brake out of "associate" level to push my career ahead.

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