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    CCNP R&S Renew



      My CCNP R&S is due for renewal end of the year, I don't do much networking (had enough after 15 years of it), I'm into Cyber Security but I would like to keep and renew my CCNP R&S. I would like to know if I do one of the exams from CCNP Security path would my CCNP R&S be renewed even thought I don't have CCNA Security?



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          any professional exam can renew your CCNP R&S



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            Yes, just take one of the exams at Pro level or above.  so passing 1 exam from CCNP Security track will renew CCNP RS. 

            then,  continue with Security exams and take  CCNA Security within 3 years of passing 1st CCNP Security to get official CCNP Security.

            Certs and Exams are valid for 3 years. To renew your Cert, just pass 1 of exams on the same level or higher level.  Some small restriction apply (i.e. sales exams don't count).  Exam does not have to be within same track. Passing 1 exam will renew current Certs for another 3 years.