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    practice tests


      I'm looking to finally pass the SPNGN 2 which I have failed 3 times in the past (2+ years ago). I always get caught off guard with the type of questions. Wondering if their is a good source for practice tests, not dumps. There's tons for all the other certs but can't find one for this one of course. I looked at the cisco practice questions and see comments of how bad they are and how wrong they seem so I don't really like that idea. Anyone have good resources for this request?

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          Have you had any luck finding a practice test?  I passed SPNGN 1 in June.  Been studying for SPNGN 2 and there is a lot of drilled down material dealing the the protocols and hardware platforms.  If i come across a decent practice test (found some scam ones, questions was very basic) i inform the group.