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    Is ASA5506 required in a lab?

    Talal M. Abbas

      Good day,


      This may have been asked and debated before but I am reaching critical mass here and would like to here some final words:

      I have an ASA 5505 with security plus license and ASA v9.2(4) software.

      I also have ASAv 9.8.1 setup on my GNS3

      Is the presence of an ASA5506-X a requirement? I know it has FirePOWER but other than this, what does it bring to the bunch (also other than routed ports which I can practice on the ASAv)?

      I am not that far from completing my first pass on the entire exam material and with my 5506 turning out dead, I am faced with the option to buy a new one or simply move on without it.


      Your input is highly appreciated.