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    Best Practice? IP Address Planning /30 WAN Links?


      Well I'm working as an intern. Pay is okay but the benefits - especially training opportunities - are great. I'm grateful.


      My supervisor knows that I'm working on the CCNA R&S certification. So he tasked with creating an IPv4 Address Planning Proposal for one of our new client sites. EIGRP will be used throughout the network except on edge routers that attach to 2 service providers which will use BGP. I'm obviously using VLSM and noting locations where summary routes may be used.The entire site will use IPs within the 172.16.x.x RFC 1918 range of private addresses and I'm assigning prefixes based on hosts addys needed now plus 30% growth as mandated by client.


      My question is about the /30 subnets that I plan to use on all WAN links. Should (or must) I use prefixes from within the 172.16.x.x - 172.24.x.x range on these /30 links? I know it CAN be done, but would it be okay to use some /30 blocks from the private 10.x.x.x range? Such as /30, /30, /30? Or should all the WAN links come from VLSM calculations for the non-/30 subnets?


      It just seems that it would be easier to deal with if I used IPs from within the RFC 1918 10.x.x.x block for the WAN links. Would it not also make it easier to configure infrastructure device management if these devices used IPs clearly different from the rest of the network?


      I'm curious. How is this REALLY done in the real world? Are there best practices related to this?


      Thank you.

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