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      Hey guys,


      I've been working in IT for a year now and want to join the network team. They seem interested in hiring me but before I go over there I want at least a CCENT under my belt. I've been studying on my own using the CCENT/CCNA ICND1 100-105 Wendell book but think I may like to chat about some of the stuff I'm learning and hopefully make some friends.

      Looking for people that are new to networking but are dedicated to getting certified. Through skype or discord would be awesome. Probably best to keep it small like ten or ppl

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          Chat away my friend, these forums are the best way to learn

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            Sander Bannink

            Just passed my CCENT using the book and Packettracer.... starting ICND2 book to get exam next month. If you need any tips let me know.

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              hey sander I'm new here i'll be honest i dont have much resource except packettracer and odom and tod's book is these really enough to pass the exam and how do i get good at lab practices?

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                Hi Dave, Can you help me to pass my ccna exam?

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                  I'm not just using the books, I got the network simulator too and I have full access to INE because of my work place. When I started I spent some time testing different ways of learning, a whole month actually. Tracking how long it took me to read a chapter of the book, do the simulations and watch a lecture on the same topic as the chapter. About 3 days.

                  If you can learn by only reading the book you'd be amazing

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                    I know you're not allowed to tell us exact questions from the exam but were they as hard as everyone is making them out to be? Pretty nervous about the time limit, I am not fast at solving problems yet

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                      No mate!  You have to get hitting the books, play around with Packet tracer and study hard

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                        Sander Bannink

                        Hi Cooper, yes it's not an easy exam, but also if you understand how Switching and Routing work it should be passable. Just study the book chapter by chapter, make sure you check after every chapter that you understand everything, do the commands in Lab/SIM and check you understand results of command. Just before the exam practise your IP subnetting and get some memorisation of important numbers (during study of the book make a list which tables are marked important). There are bound to be some questions where you have eto know your facts and they are an easy score. Why is the exam hard? Because they make the possible answers on the multiple choice all valid terms, but just not the exact term in the context of the question, so you really have to know your theory and how it works. If you're at that level you should be fine.

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                          Sander Bannink

                          Hi Zuhail, it depends, if you have an IT background it should be enough, but see my answer above, you have to be honest to yourself if you understand how it works in theory, Then you will be save on the exam. For lab just practise the commands from the book in Packettracer. I attached my save so you can see what I configured. Two remarks for that layout:

                          - it looks like DHCP does not always work okay in packettracer, sometimes the hosts get an ip and sometimes not and you have to do a /release /renew and then it works.

                          - I made a loop / discontinuous network so if you change RIP to auto sum you see what happens to the routing table.

                          For the exam, know what commands do, but no need to memorise every option.