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    GNS3 layer 2 switch




      I realize there are alot of posts about this issue but i have read through them, tried some of the things in them but nothing has helped.



      I am studying for CCNA and just wanted a sandbox to play around with. I installed GNS3 and was doing well until it came to switches.


      I have IOS images for a c7200 and c3600. Both load fine but are routers.


      I loaded a IOS-L2 vm (through QEMU) which works as a switch but only has a single ethernet port - when I try to increase the number of ports (called adapters confusingly) the device continually crashes during boot and just lives in a loop of booting-crash etc.



      Other threads said to load the c3600 image and select etherswitch which creates a device with a bunch of interfaces but it doesnt seem to behave like a switch in the console - for example when I try to create a new vlan with the "vlan 2" command it gives an invalid input error.



      How do I get a switch with multiple interfaces for basic network learning?