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    How does one setup a Cisco Router to connect over Non-Cisco Cable Modem?


      Hello, I'm doing a Senior Network Project this summer and just wanted to get some insights if my idea would work or not.


      I want to setup DDNS on a Cable Modem instead of using a static ip provided by an ISP. This way I can use my home Camera & FileZilla over through the internet. I know how to do this easily. But I also want to setup a couple of Cisco routers behind the Cable Modem then few redundancy switches as well since those will be connected to a camera & file server.


      This is my first time trying to hook up a Non Cisco Cable Modem to a Cisco Router. How does one would setup Cisco Router to advertise OSPF / EIGRP routes to the Cable Modem then to be able to a remotely access the devices behind it with DDNS option? I heard to use NAT on the Cisco Router but will that still advertise the routes and remote access the camera behind it?


      Greatly appreciated if anyone tell me one would proceed on that?


      Thank you!