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    Failed Route CCNP


      Hi all,


      I just failed the route exam... I knew all my material going in from OCG but it was obviously not enough. Anyones that's passed the exam can you recommend any more study material?


      Any tips appreciated...



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          The OCG might not have been enough as you mentioned. Some additional resources that I have personally found to be very helpful includes the CCNP Route Foundation Learning Guide and the CCNP TSHOOT OCG while preparing for the route exam. While I was studying for the route exam, I also used the CCIE OCGs a lot as well. Some things are better explained (both L2 and L3 topics) in the CCIE OCGs while expounding on the fundamentals extensively. Along with this, the Cisco Docs on various topics are very helpful. If you are looking for free video resources, I can suggest the following:


          Travis Bonfigli - YouTube

          Rob Riker's Tech Channel - YouTube


          Travis actually has a lot of labs up on his channel that pertain to the route exam and I'm sure you'll find them very useful.  If you have a specific topic in mind from the Route blueprint, let me know, I can provide some more detailed resources.

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            I found CBT Nuggets very helpful for all 3 exams combined with INE which has workbook for labing and OCG. The Cisco course is also good, however a bit pricey. I used as well Kevin Wallace videos. In addition, what Sarah have mentioned fits well.

            Pick what it more suitable for you but always try to cover this points:


            Watching videos

            Taking notes


            Test quiz

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              my investments :

              CCIE Routing and Switching v5.1 Foundations: Bridging the Gap Between CCNP and CCIE

              By Narbik Kocharians

              Publisher: Cisco Press

              Format: Book

              CCNP Routing and Switching Foundation Learning Guide Library: (ROUTE 300-101, SWITCH 300-115, TSHOOT 300-135)

              By Diane Teare, Bob Vachon, Rick Graziani, Richard Froom, Erum Frahim, Amir Ranjbar

              Publisher: Cisco Press

              Format: Book

              Routing TCP/IP, Volume 1

              By Jeff Doyle, Jennifer DeHaven Carroll

              Publisher: Cisco Press

              Format: Book

              I ve subscribed to the channels and I have also bought the ccnp command guide...  fingers crossed for the future study


              Thanks for your reply



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                thanks for reply - I did quiet a few quiz questions and watching videos. if you have links to quizes id love to take a look



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                  Juergen Ilse CCNA R&S

                  Sorry to read that you failed this time. I hope, that the additional resources the others have suggested will be useful for you. All the best for your next attempt!

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                    I have used Boson practice test, plus all questions from the books (OCG, FLG), and tests from Cisco academy. I would focus on first two assuming you do not have access to Cisco academy CCNP Route, if you have it great. In addition, Doing Labs will bring answers to you.

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                      You're welcome sshishi!

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                        Not sure if it was mentioned, but I would take note of the areas you struggled with, and lab lab lab those areas, comparing several sources (training material, blogs, cisco docs) as I've found even Cisco's own documentation is sometimes misleading when it comes to the exam room.


                        Best advice to fully understand topics is to lab lab lab until you configure it without looking at IOS help, figure out how to break it, and troubleshoot any issues you have while labbing (good practice for TSHOOT).


                        There is no substitution for labbing when it comes to committing configuration / verification / troubleshooting to muscle memory in your fingers and will become second nature in your mind after so long.


                        Lab, lab, and then more lab!

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                          Studying with the OCG or FLG won't cut it. Those are a guide of the topics, but that's all. Get the blueprint, and follow topic by topic and look for material in Cisco's web page. Even if you go beyond what the exam's blueprint mentions, keep doing it. You'll use it anyways. It's best to be way more prepared than just coverign the topics on the surface, or just enough to pass.


                          That's my own opinion. Understand the technologies even beyond the exam's scope.


                          The exams are not to pass them, but to validate your knowledge.

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                            Ive been doing that since I failed, I think I was extremely naive before I sat the exam. Ive 4 routers at home and using simulators too. Its a bit overwhelming but im getting through it. Thanks

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                              That's the thing indeed/

                              Thinking you are ready, failing and than really deep diving more in the topics.


                              I know it sounds generic but when you get it next time your knodledge

                              on the matter will be much greater than when you pass with some luck on the first try.


                              Hopefully this will aid in passing Tshoot later on


                              Good luck sshishi!