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    Any issues with setting router-id at challenge 15.13?


      Hi there!


      Did anyone face into issues with step 10 at challenge 15.13? I completed all steps except the last one.


      You have to configure the BGP router-id using YDK-Py with openconfig-bgp. Should work like described within an example from the section:


      from ydk.services import CRUDService

      from ydk.providers import NetconfServiceProvider

      from ydk.models.openconfig import bgp


      if __name__ == "__main__":

          provider = NetconfServiceProvider(address='xrv',





          crud = CRUDService() 

          bgp = bgp.Bgp() 

          bgp.global_.config.router-id_ = ''

          crud.create(provider, bgp)



      The type definition says "oc-yang:dotted-quad". I did miss to grab the error message for the code above, but I tried without quotation marks and there was a syntax error as I remember. I also checked if the lab was working as expected. I did configure the router-id manually, submitted the lab, and got all steps completed.

      Any help is welcome!