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    route filtering in eigrp

    Nitesh Arbale

      Hi All,


      My objective is to allow route from only one neigbor i.e Currently route is being learned via 3 neighbors and is in routing table. Please help as i am little bit confused with prefix-list/route-map. What would be the prefix-list statement for this objective

      The prefix list i configured is in below snap.



      eigrp routeJPG.JPGshow ip routeJPG.JPGprefix-list.JPG




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          change permit to deny in ip prefix-list PL2 permit 

          or use

          ip prefix-list PL2 permit instead of ip prefix-list PL2 permit

          don't forget there is deny all at end of prefix list, so if u use deny x but want permit all others, u must add permit all (permit le 32) at the end of prefix list. 

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            You must configure



            ip prefix-list PL1 seq 5 permit

            ip prefix-list PL2 seq 5 permit


            R5(config-router)#distribute-list prefix PL1 gateway PL2 in


            Then, you can see in the routing table:


            R5#sh ip route eigrp

            D [90/409600] via, 00:01:07, FastEthernet0/0