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    VPLS - BGP vs LDP Signaling

    Crazy Xplorer

      Hello Folks,


      Do we have any advantage of using BGP over LDP as a VPLS signaling protocol ?



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          It is far simpler to operate BGP signalled VPLS.


          For an LDP signalled VPLS instance, you have to go to your PE's, and configure each of the other PE's that this service terminates on. If the service needs to be extended to a new PE for some reason, then you need to go back around all the existing PEs, and add new configuration to them. H-VPLS does simplify this a little.


          For a BGP signalled VPLS instance, you just import/export the required RT, and you are done with it. When the service is extended to a new PE, just import/export the appropriate RT, and you are done.


          One other reason, is running LDP signalled VPLS requires you to run LDP on your network. Moving towards fewer protocols operating on the network means there is fewer things to go wrong which is a good thing in my book. You are always going to be running BGP, so I would rather add another address family to BGP, than run LDP.

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            Dear Crazy Xplorer.

            David has explained very well and I`ll attach on the community my labs with many VPLS variations.

            The spreadsheet contains the topology and the script configuration. I hope it help you.

            Thank you.


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              Crazy Xplorer

              My apologies for the belated reply, I was in vacation


              Thanks David/Milton.