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    My goal is to do CCIE. But, confused!




      How're you all ?


      I have completed my CCNA R&S, CCNA Cyber Security training and currently doing CCNP R&S training and will be complete soon. My goal is to do CCIE . But, i m confused right now. I'm stuck middle of my CCNP training. Which path should i choose ? Where should i go ? Do i have to restart everything again with step one ? because people are saying, social media, youtube, even ccie engineers, people's debates, network future is all about automation, programming etc.

      Then what should i do ?

      * CCIE Routing & Switching

      * CCIE Security

      * CCIE Routing & Switching And Python

      * CCIE Security And Python

      Or anything else ?

      Please, advice, suggest, help.

      Thank you.