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    Simple question about routers, need help please


      Ok for the life of me, i cannot figure this simple little thing out.


      If I take a router(0), assign port se3/0 with the ip address
      and connect it to another router(1) se2/0 with the ip address
      and then i connect it's fa0/0 interface with ip address
      then i connect a switch
      then i connect a pc to that switch and give the pc fa0/0 interface ip address with DG
      Why can the PC only ping the first router and not the second??
      would i need to give router C a static route such as : ip route se3/0 ?? to get the router to forward traffic to the other router?


      This is like the simplest question and I cannot seem to figure it out..


      There is 30 subnet maks on the router interfaces and /24 subnets on the 192 network


      Below I have attached a packet tracer file with what im talking about. It's only 4 devices guys, plz help

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