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    Passed CCNA Wireless (200-355) 1st attempt


      Hey everyone. I just wanted to share that I passed the CCNA Wireless exam today on the first attempt with a  passing score of 892. I also wanted to shed some light on how I prepared for the exam and my experience.


      First off, the exam itself is......well it's a Cisco exam. If you have never taken a Cisco exam before they can be pretty difficult. I felt the exam did a pretty good job being thorough in testing my knowledge and skill. Just like all exams there were a couple questions that I felt were not worded very well and I had to spend some extra time on those questions trying to determine what the question was looking for...my outlook on these questions is 'I know what you are asking but how you are asking it does not make a lot of sense. My advice is to read the questions slowly and 2-3 times. I personally would not recommend scanning  question for key words as that tends to get you in trouble.


      A little about me and my background. I have been a Route Switch engineer for 6 years. Up until 6 months ago I had never touched anything wireless except for SOHO type networks and devices...mainly my home. To take it a little further I knew what a WLC and an AP was and that's about it. The main reason I got into the enterprise wireless side is my work is deploying a large field wireless solution that's going to support hundreds of clients and I am the only network engineer on site so the task fell to me. I mentioned that I was a Route Switch guy but that didn't matter. I was put in a sink or swim, zero to hero situation in the matter of a couple of days.


      To start my wireless journey I started simple. I took and passed (in order) the CWNP CWS and CWT online exams in December. These were a nice way to break into wireless.  After those two I dove right into the CWNP CWNA which is a proctored exam in late December. From there I moved on to the CWNP CWDP exam in February. Once completed I had to switch focus for a minute as I foolishly let my CCNA R&S expire so I had to grab the ICND1 real quick in order to take the CCNA wireless. I took the ICND1 on March 21st which a **** near perfect score (I expected nothing less ). From March 22nd until today (April 11th) I studied for the CCNA Wireless exam. I studied by reading the book once and then going back and spot reading a few chapters I felt weak in. I watched a few CBT Nugget videos but was not impressed with them as I did not like the way the info was presented and the annoying voice of the instructor. I watched maybe 5 videos total and got nothing from them. I was not able to take any practice exams as the Pearson software was not working properly so I went into the exam blind. In the month leading up to the exam I did receive a 5520 WLC for my work project so I was able to get some hands on along with some self taught OJT; this meaning that when I wanted to configure something I would have to look it up, learn it, then build it. I didn't get to crazy with the builds but enough to where I built RF Profiles, WLANs, AP Groups, Anchoring, Roaming, RRM, 802.1X and EIRP calculations. This hands on experience was my saving grace for me. There were a few questions that I pulled from my hands on experience such as GUI navigation and CLI commands along with Tshooting.


      So that's it in a large nutshell. I will say that while the hands on experience helped me pass I think if you really read and study that section in the book then you should be fine. This what I had to do for the Cisco PI, MSE, and ISE parts as I don't have any hands on with those products. Hopefully this helps if you are looking to take the test.


      Feel free to ask any questions. I of course will not reveal any exam questions or answers so don't ask for an exam dump.

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