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    AAA request Redirection


      Hi Folks,


      I need your quick help to fulfil the task.


      Let say we have One Cisco Switch configured with 2 TACACS server. One Server is acting as primary and second acting as secondary but how I can send all the authentication request to secondary tacacs server even if my primary is UP and running.


      Thanks for your help in advance. @

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          When you configure multiple TACACS servers, a connection is attempted to the first server (order in which they have been entered in the config).Only if it doesn't respond is the next one is used.

          So to force use of the second one you should change the order in the config.

          I have also done a hack whereby I put an ACL on an upstream L3 device to prevent packets from the switch you're testing from reaching the primary TACACS server. That will cause the switch to try the second one instead.