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    Just passed 200-125. Now what?


      Hi everyone,

      I passed my 200-125 exam yesterday. Now I wanted to add that certification to my LinkedIn profile (among others), but I was unable to find the certificate in an uploadable(don't know if it's the right term) form. Am I missing some thing or do I need to wait for mail from Acclaim for the badge? I want to start applying for internships asap so is there any way I could refer to the fact that I am certified?


      My experience with the exam for those who are interested:

      Encountered 3 types of question:

      1. Those which I was able to answer in less than 30-40 sec

      2. Those in which I needed at least 1-2 min (for eliminating the other options or for thinking carefully)

      3. and Sims which took anywhere between 5-10 mins


      As for exam topics that are asked int the exam, I would really recommend getting a good knowledge of the basic topics and implementation of every topic from books(cert guide?) or videos(Udemy?). Do a LOT of labs and if you have time build your own networks. Also try to get an introductory idea of some advanced topics or features, just a brief description of what they are.

      Also if you are in a campus(I'm in college), you can analyse the existing the network infrastructure. You will be able to relate to a lot of topics you have learnt or will find flaws in the implemented design .


      The most important thing is that you enjoy the learning process. It's a very good exam with excellent questions(though the GUI of the exam could be updated, it looks like it was made in 2000s). Best of luck for your exams