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    210-250 Exam thoughts


      I've just passed the 210-250 with a low 58% in monitoring systems, 75~% in network security, but 100% in network concepts, attack types and the other (can't recall!) topic.


      Wanted to share my learning process and thoughts on the exam for others -



      Absolutely read the official course guide cover to cover and make sure you understand things like VPN IPSec TLS auth process, attack methods, specifically what the various slang-names are for attacks i.e. Heartbleed, whaling etc. Also make sure you're familiar with network monitoring devices i.e. the differences between IPS and IDS, what might happen if they're misconfigured (traffic drops, false positives). Other things to consider are how to interpret log files - there were questions about this that weren't covered in the book, and I had to use knowledge of private IP ranges, protocols in use etc to determine the context of the log file.


      There's a very good online question bank at proprofs website, but my approach is:

      1. Read the book, make notes summarizing each chapter in your own language.

      2. Do questions from the practice exam focussed on each chaper/topic area and revisit notes based on the right/wrong answers.



      The exam does have some questions that are worded very poorly - and there are 2 possible answers (I encountered 2x questions like this). And it's also overly expensive for what it is. However, it is an interesting exam course.


      During the exam remember:

      1. Rule out why the other answers are wrong and re-read the question 2 or 3 times.

      2. Image what /how Cisco are trying to tie the question to their curriculum.


      I would say it definitely helps to have the CCNA prior to taking this (or, at least the ICND1) and the practice exams with the cert guide should be enough to pass.


      If anyone has thughts/advice on 210-255 I'd like to hear,


      Cheers and good luck