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    Access VIRL simulated devices


      I made a Devnet sandbox reservation and connected to sandbox using  Cisco AnyConnect VPN, which worked fine so far.

      Then I deployed a simple simulation using VM Maestro and configured LXC management access.

      My problem is that I cannot gain access to CLI of simulated devices outside VM Maestro using PuTTY because I cannot even reach the exernal address of LCX management host. It also seems weird to me that the so called "external" address of LXC is in "flat" network, the same where simulated devices' OOB are located. So in what way is this "exernal" ?


      Also, I cannot find any diagram that would show how the management / OOB network should be accessible.


      I don't mind using a jump host, SNTA, whatever... but its crazy I spent a whole day without finally being able to find a way to access the devices. This really should be much easier....sorry this drvies me crazy already






      The host can be reached from LXC but I cannot reach LXC external address from my PC via the VPN. Why ?