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    200-355 OCG error


      I think that there is a mistake in the OCG relating to the definitions of PoP & PoA:


      Page 299 (Chapter 12) defines them as:


      ■ Point of Presence (PoP)—The WLC that anchors a client’s IP address, where the client

      meets the wired network. This is the point where the wireless client’s MAC address is

      seen from the perspective of the wired network. The PoP is also the point at which security

      policies that affect the client are applied.

      ■ Point of Attachment (PoA)—The WLC that terminates the CAPWAP tunnel to the AP

      where a client is currently located. The PoA is also the point at which QoS and roaming

      policies can be applied, closest to the client.


      However, on page 523 the Key Terms Glossary has the following definitions:


      Point of Attachment(PoA)

      The controller that anchors a client’s IP address for Layer 3 roaming.

      Point of Presence (PoP)

      The controller where a client is currently associated.


      So the main text contradicts the glossary entry. The names would suggest that the glossary is correct.


      However, the following question:


      13. Which one of the following roles is used to anchor a wireless client and its IP address

      to a wired network and IP subnet?

      a. PoP

      b. PoA

      c. PoE

      d. PoC

      e. PoD


      has the answer:

      3. A. The Point of Presence (PoP) anchors the client to a wired subnet so that the client’s IP address can stay consistent across AP roams.


      this is consistent with the definition on page 299.


      So which definition is correct? It's not listed in the errata.